Peacemaking: Conflict resolution using Cool Clues for elementary students


  • Emily Rembush Truman State University
  • Parker Heman
  • Elizabeth Klietz
  • Jenna Leong



It is recommended that violence prevention interventions start early for students and include conflict resolution education and social-emotional skills training components. Although school-based programs have shown some promise, community-based or out-of-school time programs require more study. A social-emotional learning-focused conflict resolution intervention using role-play and puppetry was implemented in a small afterschool program as an exploratory study. Student participants’ conflict resolution knowledge and after-school teacher observation of their pro-social skill behaviors were assessed pre- and post- program. Although many participants scored high in conflict resolution knowledge pre-program, they appeared to gain some additional knowledge, specifically on disagreements between friends and empathy for other’s feelings. After-school teachers, however, observed no significant overall differences in their pro-social behaviors pre- and post- program. All in all, as an exploratory study, the slight positive changes in knowledge provide data to suggest continuing the curriculum with more emphasis on the weakest topics as well as more role-play or puppet play about friendship and sharing behaviors.






Social Sciences & Humanities