The Brunner-Lei-Peters Resilience Scale

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Lexi Jace Brunner


Resilience is an important attribute for mental health. Positive benefits felt by resilient individuals
include fewer depressive episodes, and better coping strategies. Due to the positive outcomes
experienced by resilient people, it may be clinically useful to examine this construct within a
psychotherapeutic context. Accordingly, we created the Brunner-Lei-Peters Resilience Scale, which
included a preliminary test of 70 items and 10 validity items; we tested the scale on a sample of 150
people. Participants were representative of the general population with about an equal representation
of gender and a wide age range from 18 to 66 years of age. Although the scale initially included 70
items, through psychometric analysis, we reduced the scale to 15 items, while maintaining sound
psychometric validity and reliability. Clinical implications and limitations of the scale are discussed. 

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